Christmas Collection: All is Joyful; All is Bright

The meaning behind every design of this year's Christmas collection

Christmas is a magical time where it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It marks the humblest beginning. He brought peace, love and hope to us all.

For this Christmas, just want to make the christmas collection more meaningful.

For the Hope

Christmas is in the winter where is a season that associated with coldness and darkness. The blue tone just sounds the right match with this. The sparkles reveal the light which shines through the darkness, and even flowers are growing.

This design honors those who serve faithfully Hong Kong Sons and Daughters- a NGO where they serve in the darkness - red light district, Wan Chai in Hong Kong. They are so dare to reach out to the darkness to pull those ladies who are suffering to the light with the hope of the gospel.

Check out more about Hong Kong Sons & Daughters :

Dear: Grace

When we see reindeer around Christmas, we probably think of them with a sleigh. But do you know that dear actually means gentleness, ability to move around challenges with grace and intuitive. The blue gives an extra touch of the gentleness.

Merry Christmas : Christmas Wreath

Around the card, there are two christmas wreaths. They have significant meaning for eternity as they are circular in shape, revealing an unending circle of life.

Peace to the City

A Hong Kong touch design with the blessings to the city.

Black & White

That's not a usual combination of colors you will see on christmas cards. But black and white have the biggest contrast on light and darkness. Stay chic and shine!

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