Christmas Cards: Would this 170-year-old tradition be dying out soon?

5 more days to go for Christmas! So excited!

Being a millennial myself, I still love writing christmas cards. What meaningful is it to sit down and write to people who have added joy to your life the year along. Showing gratitude and appreciation with handwriting is different from a click of message. The time we spent on the cards is the most valuable thing to our beloved ones. And with our each individual handwriting makes it unique.

In a digital world where the tangible is vanishing, many agreed that social media was an appropriate way to send seasonal greetings. Surprisingly, people who are buying christmas card from this site are generally aged between 25 to 34 years old. Some even requested customized cards.

Would this 170-year-old tradition be dying out soon? Hopefully not so soon. I still believe that physical cards has their own appeal. When people buy cards, they appear to be choosing for more expensive and personal options. According to a study, the money spent on single cards has risen by 61% in the past 5 years. The emotional attachment to the senders and receivers are still unspeakable.

No matter how many generations and revolution we are, come on, we are still human-beings who love special attention and love. So spread it today!

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