The Design is Love

Photo by John Jennings

Christmas 2017 is the fullest Christmas that I have never had. I felt so much loved by God when I can give and bless others.

When I was asked by my church to design christmas cards to help raise fund, I was so happy - that I can contribute something by using the gift that God has given me. Ideas just kept coming. Remembering those in the darkness, I chose to use unconventional colors for Christmas, more of a cooler and darker tone, and white which signifies the light. (The Christmas Collection)

It's just so amazing to hear so many positive feedbacks and I am so thankful for those who love the designs of the cards. So So So grateful for all the fund raised to help the city. Truly, it is so blessed to give.

So what christmas present did I get this year? ermm... not even one physical gift.

But my heart is so full with love that filled by the people around me who are so supportive and encouraging. All the words and hugs and laughters. And the smiles from those who are helped :)

It's love. It's the giver not the gifts.

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